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Katie Cassidy
Born in United States
19 years
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This memorial website was created in the memory and Honor of our beautiful Katie:

She touched the hearts of all who knew her and left her footprints wherever she walked.

We were blessed with Katie on October 4th, 1985

Always loving, always loved, to know Katie was to love her and to be loved unconditionally

Katie was truly an amazing person full of life, laughter, love and fun. 

She certainly stood out in a crowd and made her presence known.

Independent, strong, intelligent, loving and caring beyond belief

Dedicated to God, her family and friends

In "Katie's Eyes" everyone was equal, she didn't care what you did for a livng, how much money you had, what type of car and home you owned, you could be homeless or be the richest, most respected and educated, thought you were important person or not important at all, Katie didn't care, she treated everyone the same

If you ever had the honor of meeting Katie you know she wasn't shy, she'd introduce herself immediately, to everyone she met, smiling, eyes full of love, she'd hug you and you'd be welcomed with
"Hi, I'm Katie Cassidy, Jesus loves you & so do I" 




When her body would fail her Katie would become stronger spiritually and fight her illness harder
No matter what she had to go through physically Katie never gave up her belief that God would heal her completely one day and she could fulfill all her dreams and have a long healthy life, we believed it also.

Katie battled her illness for eight long years with courage, faith, dignity, perseverence and true commitment to God, her family and friends.

Katie was healed from her failing body, just not the way we'd hoped for

May 18,2005 Jesus took Katie home to Heaven
peacefully while she was sleeping

We love and miss our precious Katie Kates soooo very, very much!!!!

Please help us keep our Katie's memory alive in our love for her and the beautiful memories we all have, please share them, light candles as often as you'd like. 

The sound playing "I hope you dance" was chosen because this was Katie wish for all of us, to live life to the fullest and to give Faith a fighting chance. 



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